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Isekai Shokudou
 At the bottom floor of the building with a dog signboard, in the shopping district near... A new adaptation of the manga of the Mahoujin Guru Guru franchise. The year is 1863 as the tumultuous samurai era is coming to an end, Japan is split... Spring. The "season of love" has arrived and it seems that finding himself a girlfriend... Hyakkaou Private Academy. An institution for the privileged with a very peculiar...

Isekai Shokudou

At the bottom floor of the building with a dog signboard, in the shopping district near...

Mahoujin Guru Guru
Katsugeki! Tōken Ranbu
Hajimete no Gal
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Blade & Soul
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Freezing Vibration
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Log Horizon 2
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To Love-Ru
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Dog Days
Created by Aniplex, Seven Arcs
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Tsubasa Chronicles II
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Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo
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Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! (NakaImo)
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Naruto Shippuden OVA Sage Naruto vs Sasuke
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Pocket Monsters Best Wishes
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Gundam Build Fighters
Created by Sunrise
Genres: Action, Tournament
Dance In The Vampire Bund
Created by Nozomu Tamaki
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 First Season
Created by Seji Mizushima
Heroic Age
Created by Toshimasa Suzuki
Arakawa Under the Bridge
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Genres: Comedy, Romance
Legend of the Legendary Heroes
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Kyou Kara Maou! 3rd Season
Created by Tomo Takabayashi
Nagi No Asakura
Created by Toshiya Shinohara
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Monogatari Series: Second Season
Created by NisiOisin
To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness
Created by Kentaro Yabuki
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Created by Asaura
Genres: Comedy
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka of the Dead
Created by Shinichiro Kimura
Uta no Prince-sama— Maji Love 1000%
Created by Kanon KUNOZUKI
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Black Butler
Created by Yana Toboso, funamation
Macross Frontier
Created by Shoji Kawamori
Created by Peach-Pit
Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai
Created by Tomohiro Matsu
Created by Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Sacred Seven
Created by Hajime Yatate
Break Blade
Created by Yunosuke Yoshinaga
Genres: Action, Fantasy
The World Only God Knows III: Goddesses Arc
Created by Tamiki Wakaki
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