Gunjou no Magmel
The fantasy series takes place in a world where a new continent named Magmell... The anime's story is set in Neo Tokyo in the year G.C. (Galaxy Century) 0051, which... Second season of One Punch Man. Yukishiro Nanako is a cute, cheerful high school girl with one peculiar trait – instead... 17-year-old Ichirou Satou is an average guy who always happens to find himself in a...

Gunjou no Magmel

The fantasy series takes place in a world where a new continent named Magmell...

One Punch Man 2
Senryuu Shoujo
Nande Koko ni Sensei ga
Title(s): Chihayafuru
ちはやふる (Japanese)
Creator: Yuki Suetsugu
Genres: Drama, Slice of Life
Age Group: All Ages (Nothing objectionable)
Vintage: October 4, 2011
Status: Still Airing
Summary: It is about a high school girl, Chihaya Ayase, who after seeing her sister become a fashion model, is inspired by a new classmate to take up karuta competitively.
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Excellent 25 reviews
Good 2 reviews
Average 1 review
Poor 0 reviews
Very Poor 0 reviews
Chihayafuru episode 25 : Moonlight, Clear and Bright
Chihayafuru episode 24 : Nobody Wishes to See the Beautiful Cherry Blossoms
Chihayafuru episode 23 : The Night is Nearly Past
Chihayafuru episode 22 : Just as My Beauty Has Faded
Chihayafuru episode 21 : As My Sleeves Are Wet With Dew
Chihayafuru episode 20 : The Cresting Waves Almost Look Like Clouds in the Skies
Chihayafuru episode 19 : As the Years Pass
Chihayafuru episode 18 : The Plum Blossoms Still Smell the Same
Chihayafuru episode 17 : World Offers No Escape
Chihayafuru episode 16 : The Autumn Leaves of Mount Ogura
Chihayafuru episode 15 : As Though Pearls Have Been Strung Across the Autumn Plain
Chihayafuru episode 14 : For There Is No One Else Out There
Chihayafuru episode 13 : For You, I Head Out
Chihayafuru episode 12 : Set These Forbidden Fields Aglow
Chihayafuru episode 11 : The Sky Is the Road Home
Chihayafuru episode 10 : Exchange Hellos and Goodbyes
Chihayafuru episode 9 : But I Cannot Hide
Chihayafuru episode 8 : The Sounds of the Waterfall
Chihayafuru episode 7 : But for Autumn's Coming
Chihayafuru episode 6 : Now Bloom Inside the Ninefold Palace
Chihayafuru episode 5 : The Sight of a Midnight Moon
Chihayafuru episode 4 : A Whirlwind of Flower Petals Descends
Chihayafuru episode 3 : From the Crystal White Snow
Chihayafuru episode 2 : The Red that Is
Chihayafuru episode 1 : Now the Flower Blooms

Chihayafuru special 2 : Chihayafuru//Ending
Chihayafuru special 1 : Chihayafuru//Opening
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