Baki The Grappler
Title(s): Baki The Grappler
Creator: FUNimation Entertainment
Genres: Action, Tournament
Age Group: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence)
Vintage: January 8, 2001
Status: Completed
Summary: Every warrior's life is but a moment. And at least once in his life, that warrior wonders what it would be like to be the world's best. It is this great unknown, this passion for power that drives the Grappler. Each must choose to throw all else aside to acheive their goal, or forever shrink into the shadows, their potential unfulfilled.

Feeling his training to be the strongest fighter in the world is going nowhere, Baki Hanma quits his program believing that the only coach he needs is himself. Baki stumbles on his first step into this new world. Will he learn from his errors and achieve his potential? Or will he forever disappear among the milions of fighters who never realized that one must crawl before one may walk?
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