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Sword Art Online
if you play online mmo you will understand alot and have more fun because you understand...
Space Battleship Yamato 2199
this anime remark as the old one BUT in new looks :) who ever enjoy the old memories...
Sadamitsu the Destroyer
a short anime got nice action in it a guy who get this super power from alian and...
The Mysterious Cities of Gold
watched it since i was a little kid , if u the kind that hate old animation because...
Supernatural The Animation
its the same episode in the tv i mean if u saw it real on tv or dvd and wtch this...
Lupin III
same lupin story looking for $ and treasure and face problem got action 2 , fun...
japanese style Wolverine since we all know the story line for japanese style Wolverine...
Yumekui Merry
first ep so far so good easy to understand story with new year all good anime...
don't expect much of it story might be nice but in real its silly if u dont better...
Mazinkaiser SKL
the new mazinkaiser the first esp dont tell u much but good action follow it
Nyan Koi!
its funy sexy girls funy story got 12 episode and next season soon
Sora no Otoshimono Forte
its the second e part u must must see first part to understand the storyline ...
One Piece - Strong World
10 movies this is the best of them not a cheap 1 like the rest
Otome Yōkai Zakuro
fun new idea of anime, mean there is more better anime then this
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai
its kinda like how we fall in love with anime and big brother end up watching it
Howl's Moving Castle
its just so friendly to watch :P
Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
no need to watch old 10 years old of it to know the story when i rate 5 i mean...
Hajime no Ippo: Kimura vs. Mashiba (OVA)
ova for the young boxer still good if its first time for u with ippo i recommand...
Vampire Hunter D- Bloodlust
one of the forgoten epics
B Gata H Kei
funny with some boobs + pants ect if u know what i mean if u look for action or...
Samurai Deeper Kyo
there is lots of good anime but few episode this 1 of it
Aki Sora
brother and sister having sex ect ect u wont see every thing but even so its bad...
Ojousama wa H ga Osuki The Animation
u cant see every thing in it plus silly i would like this site to stay as anime...
UFO Robot Grendizer
good old anime with good story but low quality, arabic sub , but now there is...
Break Blade
its not like gundam like i thought really liked it but too bad releasing eps takes...
story really bad and no point
Captain Harlock The Endless Odyssey
not so fancy like new anime but its clasic
more like an american cartoon but still good got its own taste if ur looking for...
Golgo 13
very nice to watch if u like a different story for each episode but all about 1...
Cobra The Animation
u would love his mistiry his hiden weapon inside his arm animation really good like...
Highschool of the Dead
1.animation really great , might see some panties if u know what i mean 2.the action...
One Piece
start with a silly pics for the anime a funy chracters faces wich u see on the anime...
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Chainsaw Man
Truly, on first sight I thought, what the hell? I will NEVER watch this. This is ridicolous! But... the situations are sometimes...
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
great anime story and situations are quite hillarious only real gripe i have is i wish they had the uncensored version on...
Chainsaw Man
Good anime
Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather
Also alles in allem ist die Story ja ganz interessant, aber die Konstellationen wer da auf wen steht, waren anfangs echt...
Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
it's a good show for chilling. The remake of Romeo and juliet with the japanese point of view is cleary a good idea.
Last Exile
Samurai Champloo
its good
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
its good
Dragon Ball GT
Excellent story