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Title(s): ZEGAPAIN
Creator: Hajime Yatate
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Age Group: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)
Vintage: April 6, 2006
Status: Completed
Summary: Plot Summary: Kyo, an avid swimmer tries his best to keep the high school swimming club going, which is pretty hard when he's the only member. Facing the prospect of the club being closed by the student council, he tries to enlist beautiful Misaki to act in a promo video, shot by his good friend Ryoko, in a bid to start a recruitment drive. She agrees but only if he pilots a mecha under the wing of Celebrum, a resistance organisation fighting to destroy Deutera Areas formed on Earth by the aliens Gards-orm. He agrees but finds it all strangely familiar as if he's done it before....
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ZEGAPAIN episode 26 : All Creation
ZEGAPAIN episode 25 : Is the Sky of Maihama Blue?
ZEGAPAIN episode 24 : One Drop of Light
ZEGAPAIN episode 23 : When the Moon Does Not Sink
ZEGAPAIN episode 22 : G-Phaetus
ZEGAPAIN episode 21 : The Soldiers...
ZEGAPAIN episode 20 : Yehl, Shizuno
ZEGAPAIN episode 19 : Last Supper
ZEGAPAIN episode 18 : The Fabricated Wounds, The Pain Withers
ZEGAPAIN episode 17 : The Restored
ZEGAPAIN episode 16 : Revived Battlefield
ZEGAPAIN episode 15 : Reincarnation
ZEGAPAIN episode 14 : Destroyed Memories
ZEGAPAIN episode 13 : New Wizard
ZEGAPAIN episode 12 : Those That Awaken
ZEGAPAIN episode 11 : Remaining Illusions
ZEGAPAIN episode 10 : Again, Summer Comes
ZEGAPAIN episode 9 : Wet Damage
ZEGAPAIN episode 8 : On The Other Side Of The Water
ZEGAPAIN episode 7 : Wandering Soul
ZEGAPAIN episode 6 : Apparition
ZEGAPAIN episode 4 : Shanghai Server
ZEGAPAIN episode 3 : Deftera Territory
ZEGAPAIN episode 2 : Cerebrum
ZEGAPAIN episode 1 : Entangle

ZEGAPAIN movie 1 : Zegapain Adaptation Movie 2016
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