Gunjou no Magmel
The fantasy series takes place in a world where a new continent named Magmell... The anime's story is set in Neo Tokyo in the year G.C. (Galaxy Century) 0051, which... Yukishiro Nanako is a cute, cheerful high school girl with one peculiar trait – instead... 17-year-old Ichirou Satou is an average guy who always happens to find himself in a... Second season of One Punch Man.

Gunjou no Magmel

The fantasy series takes place in a world where a new continent named Magmell...

Senryuu Shoujo
Nande Koko ni Sensei ga
One Punch Man 2
Heartcatch Precure!
Title(s): Heartcatch Precure!
Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
ハートキャッチプリキュア! (Japanese)
Genres: Magic
Vintage: February 7, 2010
Status: Completed
Summary: Tsubomi Hanasaki is a 2nd year middle school student who loves flowers and plants. One day, she dreams of a mysterious flowering tree that wilted, causing the sprites to disappear. When she transfers to Myodou Academy, the sprites that she saw in that dream appeared before her. The sprites begged Tsubomi to become Pretty Cure to protect the Great Tree, but she refuses. However, a sudden attack from a mysterious enemy came, and the Heart Seed of her new classmate, Erika Kurumi, is stolen. To save Erika's heart, she had no choice but to become a Pretty Cure and fight
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Heartcatch Precure! episode 49 : Everyone's Heart as One! I'm the Strongest Precure!!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 48 : For the Earth! For Our Dreams! Precure's Final Transformation!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 47 : Tell Me It's a Lie! The True Identity of Professor Sabaaku!!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 46 : Kumojacky! Cobraja! We Will Not Forget You Two!!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 45 : It's All Over... The World Became a Desert...
Heartcatch Precure! episode 44 : A Christmas Miracle! I Was Able To Meet Cure Flower!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 43 : A New Family! I Will Become An Older Sister!!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 42 : Yuri-san is Perplexed! We Saw a Love Letter...
Heartcatch Precure! episode 41 : The Fairy Puppet Show is a Big Hit!!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 40 : The Field Messengers Have Heart Flowers Too!?
Heartcatch Precure! episode 25 : Heartcatch Precure! 25
Heartcatch Precure! episode 19 : A Tearful Wedding! Father's Day Souvenir Photograph!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 17 : Please Acknowledge Us! Our PreCure Spirit!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 16 : Erika's the Rival! Written Challenge From the Drama Club!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 15 : Unbelievable! The Student Council President in Cute Clothes!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 14 : A Tearful Mother's Day! Protect the Family's Smile!!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 13 : The Truth is Out! Cure Moonlight's Identity!!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 12 : Heart Throbbing! Operation Proposal!!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 11 : Acho!! Let's Power Up with Kung Fu!!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 10 : The Biggest Pinch! Dark PreCure Has Appeared!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 9 : Father got Scouted! Is This the End for the Flower Shop?!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 8 : Why is the Charismatic Model sighing?
Heartcatch Precure! episode 7 : The One I Admire, the Student Council President!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 6 : Scoop! PreCure's Covers are Blown!?
Heartcatch Precure! episode 5 : The Rejected Ramen! Repairing The Father-Son Bonds!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 4 : Is the PreCure Duo Disbanding so Quickly?
Heartcatch Precure! episode 3 : The Second PreCure is Full of Energy!
Heartcatch Precure! episode 2 : Don't tell me I'm History's Weakest PreCure?
Heartcatch Precure! episode 1 : I Want to Change! I'll Show you That I Can!

Heartcatch Precure! movie 1 : Heartcatch Precure Movie [480]
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