Title(s): Devilman
Человек-Дьявол (Russian)
デビルマン (Japanese)
Creator: Go Nagai
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Magic, Supernatural
Age Group: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)
Vintage: July 8, 1972
Status: Completed
Summary: Devilman features Akira Fudo, a shy and timid teenager who has gone mountain climbing in the Himalayas with his father. While in the middle of the expedition, both father and son are killed in a tragic accident. Akira's body is found and possessed by the demon soldier Devilman, who uses his new human form as a disguise in order to fulfill his mission of causing chaos on Earth in order to pave the way for a demonic invasion of the planet.

Before his mission can begin in earnest, Devilman meets Akira's childhood friend Miki Makimura and quickly falls in love with her. Devilman resolves to protect Miki and humanity as a whole by battling against his fellow demons. Demon Tribe leader Zennon becomes greatly angered at Devilman's betrayal and is quick to send Devilman's former comrades to destroy him. The other demons soon learn that Miki is precious to Devilman and he must now work to protect her, as well as protect himself. Will the power of love be able to overcome that of true evil?
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Devilman episode 39 : Demon God, The Miracles of God
Devilman episode 38 : Demon Dorimoon, The Moon is Hell
Devilman episode 37 : The Demon Wuduu, The Angry Trees
Devilman episode 36 : The Demon Magdora, The Flying Lava
Devilman episode 35 : The Demon General Reikoku, The Frozen School
Devilman episode 34 : Demon Alron, The Demonic Dress
Devilman episode 33 : The Demon Weathers, The Sun's Rebellion
Devilman episode 32 : The Demon Aurora, The Shining Prison
Devilman episode 31 : Demon Kiluski, The Red Tornado
Devilman episode 30 : Demon Faizel, The Insane Shadow
Devilman episode 29 : The Demon Kenetos, The Mysterious Necklace
Devilman episode 28 : The Demon Miniyon, The Demon Locket
Devilman episode 27 : The Demon Jewel, Desires Beyond Limitations
Devilman episode 26 : The Silver Demon, Lala
Devilman episode 25 : The Demon General Muzan, The School is Attacked
Devilman episode 24 : Demon Jakon, The Living Ghost
Devilman episode 23 : The Demon Bera, Tibet Demon
Devilman episode 22 : The Demon Mugal, Magician of illusion
Devilman episode 21 : The Demon Doro, likes Humans
Devilman episode 20 : Farewell, The Demon Drango
Devilman episode 19 : Demon Adal, The Dummy Project
Devilman episode 18 : The Demon Megu
Devilman episode 17 : The Stamp Monster, Dagon
Devilman episode 16 : Demon Genie, Living in Darkness
Devilman episode 15 : The Demon Ebain, and 1,000 Hands
Devilman episode 14 : Challenge at the Ice Kingdom
Devilman episode 13 : The Arrogant Mermaim
Devilman episode 12 : The Fire Demon, Fiam
Devilman episode 11 : The Red Flower Demon, Laflelu
Devilman episode 10 : Demon Gande, The Walking Eye
Devilman episode 9 : The Brainwave Demon Gondroma
Devilman episode 8 : Iyamon and Bauu
Devilman episode 7 : The Horrible Puppet Demon, Zool
Devilman episode 6 : Neck of Rockfel
Devilman episode 5 : The Sleeping Beauty, Zoldoba
Devilman episode 4 : The Devil General, Zannin
Devilman episode 3 : The Monster, Geruge
Devilman episode 2 : The Demon Bird, Silene
Devilman episode 1 : Revival of The Demon Family
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