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Detective Conan Movie 14
Title(s): Detective Conan Movie 14
Detective Conan 2010
Detektiv Conan: Das verlorene Schiff im Himmel (German)
Meitantei Conan: Tenkū no Lost Ship (Japanese)
名偵探柯南 天空的劫難船 (Chinese (Taiwan))
名探偵コナン 天空の難破船(ロスト・シップ) (Japanese)
명탐정코난극장판 - 천공의 난파선 (Korean)
Creator: Gosho Aoyama
Genres: Action, Mystery
Age Group: All Ages (Nothing objectionable)
Vintage: April 17, 2010
Status: Completed
Summary: The 14th movie for the Detective Conan series. The movie starts off with a terrorist group stealing a leathal bacteria from a research facility at the same time as Sonoko's uncle challenges Kaito Kid to another challenge to steal a priceless gem on his personal airship and moves on from there. Conan (aka Shinichi) and company are invited to participate in the challenge but soon find themselves caught up in the terrorist's plot. As he uncovers the terrorist's plot, Conan must work with the master thief Kaito Kid to stop their plans while at the same time keeping Kid from stealing no only the gem, but the heart of the girl that he loves.
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