Dash! (OVA) Reviews
Title(s): Dash!
Creator: Isaku Natsume
Genres: Romance
Age Group: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence)
Vintage: November 25, 2007
Status: Completed
Summary: Akimoto has just started his high school career at Miya High and is burning with enthusiasm. Not because he's in the springtime of his youth, or because he has his eyes set on some beautiful upperclasmen; rather, Akimoto is overjoyed to finally be able to meet his long time Judo idol Saitou! Akimoto has watched Saitou ever since his middle school days, but the real Saitou isn't matching up to the Saitou of Akimoto's dreams. Foul mouted, with a bad attitude and superiority complex, Saitou decided to use Akimoto's admiration against him and turn him into his slave. But Saitou has a deep, dark secret that he is hiding from his kouhai (junior). Will Akomoto still look up to Saitou when it is revealed?
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Kind of Average... and way too lame
Written by KantateYume on January 4, 2013 at 11:20 AM
Overall Rating
Story: 3
Dialogue: 3
Animation: 2
Entertainment: 4
=.=° Uuuuuhm~ Well.... how to put it?
I mean, I really like stuff like: "Junjou Romantica" and "Sekai-Ichi hatsukoi" AS ANIME x3
But this is allmost like watching a colored Doujinshi on youtube with not suiting music. Ya know?
The music is way to gooey and about the visual things... I really DONT LIKE it, when an ANIME is like an MANGA.
Of cause the plot shall be the same as in the manga. But why the fuck should somebody produce a ANIME which is not like an ANIME but like a MANGA?!? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?~ =.=°

Thats almost brainless (read more)
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