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DT Eightron
Title(s): DT Eightron
Creator: Masami Hata, Sunrise
Genres: Action, Science Fiction
Age Group: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)
Vintage: April 18, 1998
Status: Completed
Summary: Shu is from Datania, a country that makes young children work. He and his friends were trying to escape when they met the Returners. The Returners are some kind of rebels to Datania. Shu goes with the Returners to fight Zero, Nines, and his men who are after DT, a special substance inside humans.
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DT Eightron episode 26 : HEAVEN'S FRIENDS
DT Eightron episode 24 : RETURN TO DATANIA
DT Eightron episode 23 : LONG GOOD-BY
DT Eightron episode 22 : JUDDY AND ROADY
DT Eightron episode 21 : BROTHERS IN AMAUROTE
DT Eightron episode 20 : BOY MEETS GIRL
DT Eightron episode 19 : WIND OF DATANIA
DT Eightron episode 18 : Dr. GENESIS
DT Eightron episode 17 : FISH'S KISS
DT Eightron episode 16 : GARDEN'S RULE
DT Eightron episode 14 : THE FOG ISLAND
DT Eightron episode 13 : NIGHT OF HUMANITY
DT Eightron episode 11 : Illusion Diving
DT Eightron episode 10 : The Guns and Oldies
DT Eightron episode 9 - We're missing this chapter. If you have it, please upload it.
DT Eightron episode 8 : In the Lifeside
DT Eightron episode 6 : Escape from Datania
DT Eightron episode 5 : Delete Key
DT Eightron episode 4 : Kill the Datanian
DT Eightron episode 3 : Lifeside's wall
DT Eightron episode 1 : Out of Datania
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