Cluster Edge
Title(s): Cluster Edge
クラスターエッジ (Japanese)
Creator: Wan Komatsuda
Genres: Action, Science Fiction
Age Group: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence)
Vintage: October 4, 2005
Status: Completed
Summary: Agate Fluorite is the new transfer student at the elite school, "Cluster E.A.", in which the sons of many prestigious families from different countries gather to study together. Soon after, Agate's unexpected antics and enthusiasm in life impress many of his schoolmates, including Beryl Jasper, an honor student who is bored with his current way of life. However, unknown to Agate, he was born with a secret power that can create miracles.
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Cluster Edge episode 25 : Judgement Day, and then, towards tomorrow
Cluster Edge episode 24 : Prelude of Destruction
Cluster Edge episode 22 : Sorrowful Hatred
Cluster Edge episode 21 : Decision Time
Cluster Edge episode 20 : Drifting Artificial Soldier
Cluster Edge episode 19 : Bond With The Skies
Cluster Edge episode 18 : Beneath The Wings
Cluster Edge episode 17 : Eyes of Fear
Cluster Edge episode 16 : Chrome and Agate
Cluster Edge episode 15 : Letter to Herna
Cluster Edge episode 14 : Wind to Tomorrow
Cluster Edge episode 13 : The Things Chalce Leaves Behind
Cluster Edge episode 11 : Respective Feelings
Cluster Edge episode 10 : The Road of Destiny
Cluster Edge episode 9 : Mansion and Ghost
Cluster Edge episode 8 : Student Council Election
Cluster Edge episode 7 : Journey to the Past
Cluster Edge episode 6 : Professor and Fon
Cluster Edge episode 5 : Miracle Race
Cluster Edge episode 4 : Jet Black Chrome Group Appears!!
Cluster Edge episode 3 : Cold Bullet
Cluster Edge episode 2 : Sword Of Beryl
Cluster Edge episode 1 : A Boy Named Agate
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