Title(s): Blassreiter
ブラスレイター (Japanese)
Creator: Gonzo
Genres: Action, Drama, Horror, Science Fiction
Age Group: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence)
Vintage: April 5, 2008
Status: Completed
Summary: Faced with an outbreak of demonic blood, which transforms humans into insane and hideous creatures bent on violence and death, only one man can stand against the tide of destruction. Joseph Jobson, the only man able to control his cursed demonic form, must hunt down the man who cursed him and save the world from apocalypse.
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Good 6 reviews
Average 2 reviews
Poor 0 reviews
Very Poor 0 reviews
Blassreiter episode 24 : Promised Land
Blassreiter episode 23 : Scorched Earth
Blassreiter episode 22 : Drifting Hearts
Blassreiter episode 21 : Phantom Rider
Blassreiter episode 20 : Legion from the Netherworld
Blassreiter episode 19 : Feelings from the Past
Blassreiter episode 18 : The Fourth Apocalypse
Blassreiter episode 17 : Bellow of the Beast
Blassreiter episode 15 : Millenary Knights of God
Blassreiter episode 14 : The Saint's Choice
Blassreiter episode 13 : Distant Memories
Blassreiter episode 12 : Judgment Day
Blassreiter episode 11 : Prelude to the Apocalypse
Blassreiter episode 10 : Internal Conspiracy
Blassreiter episode 9 : Value of Power, Meaning of Power
Blassreiter episode 8 : I Am Not A Coward Anymore
Blassreiter episode 7 : The Extremity of Hatred
Blassreiter episode 6 : A Demon's Pitiful Song
Blassreiter episode 5 : Neglected Person
Blassreiter episode 4 : Siege Network
Blassreiter episode 3 : Epidemic Infection
Blassreiter episode 2 : The Cost of Honour
Blassreiter episode 1 : Prelude to Despair
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