Title(s): Berserk
"Kenpû denki beruseruku"
Creator: Kentarou Miura
Genres: Action, Adventure, Erotica, Horror, Magic, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Age Group: Adults Only (Contains explicit sexual content)
Vintage: October 7, 1997
Status: Completed
Summary: Gatsu was brought up by a mercenary group since birth. After killing his guardian in self-defence, he runs away. Years later, he encounters Griffith and The Band of the Hawk. The Hawks fight for the King of Midland, and after winning the 100-year war against the neighbouring Chuda, they become the King's personal guard. However, once they reach the top, things take a turn for the worse.
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Berserk episode 25 : Time of Eternity
Berserk episode 24 : The Great Eclipse
Berserk episode 23 : Eve of the Feast
Berserk episode 22 : Infiltration
Berserk episode 21 : Confession
Berserk episode 19 : Separation
Berserk episode 18 : Tombstone of Flames
Berserk episode 17 : Moment of Glory
Berserk episode 16 : The Conqueror
Berserk episode 15 : The Decisive Battle
Berserk episode 14 : Bonfire of Dreams
Berserk episode 13 : Prepared for Death
Berserk episode 12 : Together
Berserk episode 11 : The Battle
Berserk episode 10 : Nobleman
Berserk episode 9 : Assassination
Berserk episode 8 : Conspiracy
Berserk episode 7 : The Sword`s Owner
Berserk episode 6 : Zodd the Immortal
Berserk episode 5 : A Wind of Swords
Berserk episode 4 : The Hand of God
Berserk episode 3 : First Battle
Berserk episode 2 : The Band of the Hawk
Berserk episode 1 : The Black Swordsman
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