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Chainsaw Man
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Mob Psycho 100 III
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Ayashi no Ceres
Title(s): Ayashi no Ceres
Creator: WOWOW
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural
Age Group: Older Children (May contain mild bad language, bloodless violence)
Vintage: April 20, 2000
Status: Completed
Summary: Aya and her twin brother Aki thought they were going to a celebration of their sixteenth birthday at their grandfather's home, but the funeral-like atmosphere tips them off that something's not right. Their "birthday present" turns out to be a mummified hand--the power of which forces an awakening within Aya, and painful wounds all over Aki's body! Grandfather Mikage announces that Aki will be heir to the Mikage fortune, and Aya must die! But Aya has allies in the athletic cook and martial artist Yohi, and the attractive, mysterious Toya. But can even two handsome and resourceful guys save Aya when it's her own power that's out of control?
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Ayashi no Ceres episode 23 - We're missing this chapter. If you have it, please upload it.
Ayashi no Ceres episode 22 : The Voice of Revenge
Ayashi no Ceres episode 21 : The Ancient Tennyo
Ayashi no Ceres episode 19 : Chidori's Confession
Ayashi no Ceres episode 18 : Fleeting Happiness
Ayashi no Ceres episode 17 : To be drawn to Love
Ayashi no Ceres episode 14 : The Revived Ancestor
Ayashi no Ceres episode 12 : The Silver Choker
Ayashi no Ceres episode 11 : Stir of Emotions
Ayashi no Ceres episode 9 : The Angel`s Promise
Ayashi no Ceres episode 8 : The Mikage Conspiracy
Ayashi no Ceres episode 7 : Celestial Awakening
Ayashi no Ceres episode 6 : The 'C' Project
Ayashi no Ceres episode 5 : Toya's Destiny
Ayashi no Ceres episode 4 : The Stolen Hagoromo
Ayashi no Ceres episode 3 : The One Who Fell to Earth
Ayashi no Ceres episode 2 : The Angel's First Kiss
Ayashi no Ceres episode 1 : The Day the Moon and sixteen stars Align
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