Gunjou no Magmel
The fantasy series takes place in a world where a new continent named Magmell... The anime's story is set in Neo Tokyo in the year G.C. (Galaxy Century) 0051, which... Second season of One Punch Man. 17-year-old Ichirou Satou is an average guy who always happens to find himself in a... Yukishiro Nanako is a cute, cheerful high school girl with one peculiar trait – instead...

Gunjou no Magmel

The fantasy series takes place in a world where a new continent named Magmell...

One Punch Man 2
Nande Koko ni Sensei ga
Senryuu Shoujo
Ayakashi Ayashi
Title(s): Ayakashi Ayashi
天保異聞 妖奇士
Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi
Ghost Slayers Ayashi
Creator: BONES
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural
Age Group: Older Children (May contain mild bad language, bloodless violence)
Vintage: October 7, 2006
Status: Completed
Summary: Feudal Japan is attacked by beasts called 'Youi'. Ryuudou Yukiatsu, a 'floater' and an employee at a bath house has the power of Ayagami ("The power to find the words behind things") which can be used in fighting against the Youi. That's why the members of a Youi-fighting group Bansha Aratamesho, called the Ayashi, are looking for Yukiatsu - they want him to become an Ayashi as well. Yukiatsu runs into a woman and a son who are chased by a Youi and has to face the past he's been running away from.
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Ayakashi Ayashi episode 15 : Rashōmon Gashi no Onna / Woman of Rashōmon Alley
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 14 : Kochō Umai / Butterfly Dance
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 13 : Jigoku Gokuraku Fūbungaki / Heaven, Hell and a Book of Rumors
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 12 : Hakuryū, Tsuki ni Hoeru / Hakuryu Howls to the Moon
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 11 : Nikkō Kaidō / Nikkō Fey Road
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 10 : Yayoi Hana Niō Musume no Kagura / A Maiden's Dance Like Spring Flowers
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 9 : Omote to Ura / Front and Back
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 8 : Kitsune Shibai / Fox Theatre
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 7 : Ryū wa Kumo ni / The Dragon is Within the Cloud
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 6 : Ryūki Hashiru / Racing Dragon Aura
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 5 : Hitogoroshi no Hanashi / The Tale of a Murderer
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 4 : Iki Ningyo / Life-Size Dolls
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 3 : Hana Edo Anryū / The Undercurrents of Beautiful Edo
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 2 : Yama no Kami Ochite / After the Fall of the Mountain God
Ayakashi Ayashi episode 1 : Yōi, Kitaru / The Youi Cometh

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