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Beast Tamer
Chainsaw Man
Spy x Family - Part 2
Mob Psycho 100 III
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Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works
Premium sama
Premium sama
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
Premium sama
Jinki: Extended
Premium sama
Jin Roh
Premium sama
Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae
Premium sama
Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori
Premium sama
Jigoku Shoujo
Premium sama
Jigoku Sensei Nube
Premium sama
Jewelpet Kira Deco!
Premium sama
Jewel Pet
Premium sama
Janguru wa Itsumo Hale nochii Guu Deluxe
Premium sama
Jang Geums Dream
Premium sama
Premium sama
Premium sama
Premium sama
Aika R-16: Virgin Mission
Premium sama
Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~
Premium sama
Ai Yori Aoshi
Premium sama
Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari
Premium sama
Ai No Kusabi
Premium sama
Ai Mai Mi
Premium sama
Ah! My Goddess: Together, Forever
Premium sama
Ah! My Goddess: Tatakau Tsubasa
Premium sama
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy
Premium sama
Ah! my goddess the movie
Premium sama
After War Gundam X
Premium sama
After Class Lesson (OAV)
Premium samaPremium sama
Acchi Kocchi
Premium sama
Ai no Kusabi (2012)
Premium sama
Accel World
Premium sama
Abnormal Physiology Seminar
Premium sama
A.D. Police: To Protect and Serve
Premium sama
A Wind Named Amnesia
Premium sama
A Spirit of The Sun
Premium sama
A Restaurant of Many Orders
Premium sama
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Premium sama
A Little Princess Sara (1985)
Premium sama
A Letter to Momo
Premium sama
A Dark Rabbit has 7 lives
Premium sama
A Channel
Premium sama
801 T.T.S. Airbats
Premium sama
5 centimeters per second
Premium sama
3x3 eyes
Premium sama
30-sai no Hoken Taiiku
Premium sama
Premium sama
Premium sama
1001 Nights
Premium sama
10 Tokyo Warriors
Premium sama
Premium sama
Premium sama
Premium sama
~Time Paladin Sakura~ Jikū Bōeisen
Premium sama
[K] Project
Premium sama
[C] - The Money and Soul of Possibility
Premium sama
.hack//Versus: The Thanatos Report
Premium sama
Premium sama
Premium sama
Premium sama
Premium sama
.hack//Legen of the Twilight
Premium sama
Premium sama
.Hack//G.U. Trilogy
Premium sama
.hack//G.U. Returner
Premium sama
.hack//Beyond The World
Premium sama
JoJos Bizarre Adventure (TV 2012)
fantastic anime premium san
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Dragon Drive
OK I dont care if you are just trolling or not but this anime is awesome. Have you...
Fist of the North Star
When people say that DBZ set the standart for shonen manga these days, then they,re...
Persona 4 The Animation
The Manga is like 100x better thn the anime. Anyways thats sad news i still liked...
Dance In The Vampire Bund
Your accound will get banned for being a retard troll
This is a very sad anime. The storyline is pretty good and there are lots of memorable...
Eyeshield 21
This anime surprised me.I expected some lame sports story but there is more behind...
This is a good start for a horror anime. I cant wait to see how the story progresses...
Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
Indeet this anime deserves a continuation. Back then the manga wasnt that popular...
Brave 10
Btw when does guildwars 2 finally come out ? -.-
Vampire Knight Guilty
yes we need my little pony here ! Its so hard to get the episodes in hd. My little...
Bleach: The Sealed Sword Frenzy
Please people. please dont feed the trolls. The narutards will continue telling you...
Chi's New Address
I guess they have some program problems thats why everything is fucked up a bit but...
Bakuman. 2
you are just another bleach hater. Tite kubo is a good mangaka and he will soon fill...
Bleach: Fade to Black
Stop calling kishimoto and kubo trolls you idiots. Tite kubo is not a troll. The...
Deadman Wonderland
Is it just me or is youtube really fucked up nowadays ? I mean every 2nd video has...
Konjiki No Gasshul!
I have never seen an anime that made me cry like konjiki no gash bell. The storyline...
Inuyasha was one of the first anime,s ive seen. The main character seems like a bad...
Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files
Ok this anime is very old but this doesnt mean its bad. It has good characters and...
Bleach: Memories of Nobody
I know fans of bleach will say thatI bet 50% of bleach fans would disagree if i tell...
Guilty Crown
If you start watching the first episode, you might get a bit cinfused because the...
Bleach The Hell Verse
Well you have all seen the epic fight vs ulqiorra. Full hollow ichigo was badass...
Hunter × Hunter (TV 2011)
This is already the second anime they make about hxh. But the first anime was uncomplete...
I highly recomend this anime for Bleach, one piece, dbz and naruto fans. This anime...
Fairy Tail
nah just kidding i am not Kubo sama. But i wanted to recomend this anime to you guys....
Naruto Shippuuden
I see many people think this is the best anime on the world because they got deep...
Ok this starts very slow. It feels like just another dumb time machine story but...
Death Note
Madhouse made a masterpiece with the Death Note. Dr. Pepper cola is the best cola...
One Piece
Out of the big 3 this is my favorite anime/manga. Even over Bleach. Everything here...
Ao no Exorcist
Well i see many people overrate this anime because they wanted to push it to be on...
Angel Beats!
the end made me cry seriously...its about the life after death and it has a very...
Really this anime isnt like one piece or bleach where they are all about serious...
Since my username is tite kubo, i wont waste my time and write another review on...
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i enjoy this anime
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
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Very good show. Can we reupload. The file is having issue. Please and thank you.
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